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Featured News:
June 24th 2008
Type-ZERO News!
Just a heads up to everyone, the Type-ZERO download site has been launched, and has already gotten a lot of attention. Thank you for all the support, and you can be sure that more downloads will come up. We'll try to get some new tunes up for downloads at least once a month.

On a side note, Type-ZERO will also be preforming live July 11th in Ottawa. If you like what you hear, feel free to check it out.

Type-ZERO Downloads: Link

June. 11th 2008
Message Board
A new message board has been added to the ZT.Com website. To check it out, click Here. ZT News, Production stuff, and PC Gaming! =) Feel free to register and contribute.

May. 26th 2008
Type-ZERO Section Coming!
Type-ZERO will soon be getting their own section on the website. If you've come from the main page, you've already seen the link. This section will have live recordings of the Type-ZERO shows, as well as track downloads. Best of all... it's going to be free to everyone!

If your a DJ and like what you hear, feel free to contact me via e-mail, and I can send you higher quality files.

E-Mail: Type-ZERO

May. 24th 2008
Type-ZERO Live!
Type-ZERO will be playing live at "Kiss and Make UP" on this 24th of May. New songs, a couple classics, and a show thats going be just awesome. Hope to you see all there!

May 9th 2008
Music Downloads Available!
I know we've been saying we'd have downloads soon for a while, but now they are actualy there! Enjoy! Check out the download secction. Downloads

April 28th 2008
Type-ZERO's Growing Up!
Hey! He's a year older now! Woo!

April 10th 2008
New ZT Project Announced
ZT Will now start building an online production resource, with usefull information raging from production software to what certain terms mean. This may take a while to get into actual working order, so be patient. If you'd like to contribute, feel free to contact me: E-Mail.

Feb. 18th
DJ Tails Wins the 'Here We Go' DJ Competition
The title preatty much says it all, congrats to our very own DJ Tails. She won the 'Here We Go' DJ competition and has gained one of the opening slots at this HUGE event. Way to go girl!!!
She'll be joining a good portion of the ZT gang, with EFM-7, DJ Joe Rowe and T y p e ZERO.

Feb. 13th
ZT Website Domain Change
After a couple weeks of work, and trying to figure this out, is finaly up and running, and our website has been moved successfully!

Feb. 8th
ZERO Trance Going Live!
OneUp Productions is throwing, Here We Go!. Zero Trance is proud to have Type-ZERO, EFM-7, and Joe Rowe, all playing at this event. This is a huge ZT presence, and looks like it's going to be the biggest event to hit Ottawa in the past several years. This is not to be missed.

More Info: Click Here

Nov. 16th
Everyone at the ZERO Trance Collective would like to welcome our newest member, DJ Tails. Welcome to the family, though you've been around for a while helping us out, we just wanted to make it official. Congradulations on your first gig this December 9th(More info as it becomes availiable). We're sure you'll make us proud!

Sept. 20th
Type-ZERO Release #2
Type-ZERO releases yet another mind blowing track, Adrenaline Generation. A Hard Trance track, thats sure to go far. You can buy a copy of the track at FiberLine Audio.

August 22nd
The newest member to the Zero Trance family, Type-ZERO has been making huge waves in the electronic scene, only 4 months publicly known. Already signed to two international labels, BeatMaka and Fiberline Audio. Also in the works, a full Techno/Acid-Tek album with none other, then the legendary Witchdoctor. We look forward to hearing what he comes up with in the near future. His first release is schedualed for Tuesday the 23rd of August, 2005. Also Type-ZERO played along side ZT's very own [-DarkShadow-] at Dark Forces's Take-Over.

Zero Trance Hits the East Coast!!!
Thats right... Zero Trance's very own DJ Joe Rowe is going to hitting up the east coast, laying down some of the best trance beats. With two events in the works, this is sure to bring out a lot of the underground patrons in the area. Zero Trance looks forward to working with the local promoters, clubs, and ravers. Make us proud Joe.

August 2005
It's been a busy summer for the Zero Trance Collective. Everyone has been working on several projects. ZT's very own Twisted.Tails has been busy with her computer working on flyers, and promo material for tones of events, from Ottawa, all the way to upper Québec. We wish the best with her up-coming school year, in the Multimedia Design course.

[-DarkShadow-] has been a busy bee, himself, booked for Ottawa first all night event in over a year, Ottawa Revival's Never:End, as well as Dark Forces's Take-Over. You keep those hard Trance track coming man.

April 2005
Heero and DJ Joe Rowe are booked for what will surely be the event this up-coming summer in Ottawa.
Gunz & Bomz & Bulletz & Other Fine Explosivez - Check Out XVI For More Info

Tentative Date: July 23rd 2K5

DJ Akaiya is booked in Montreal at Bass Nation. We wish her the best of luck. Knock'em dead girl! She's going to be laying down some nice happy hardcore beats, if your in the area, make sure to check it out!
Bass Nation - Check Out XVI For More Info

Bass Nation - April 23 2K5

Jan. 2005
Techno.Tronique a was huge hit, thanks to everyone that came out.

December 2004

Zero Trance website FINALLY up and running after many many a set backs, budgeting problems, sleepless nights, endless hours of megaman and countless cases of Coca-Cola and packs o' Du Maurier...

Getting to the point, we are proud to bring you, our website =)
Please bare with us as we work out all the bugs... Heh.

December 2004
Working with Ashes2Ashes, Zero Trance is proud to bring you Signal the lastest in the Zero Trance events. Bringing to Ottawa DJ Ruffage back for an encore presentation of his own unique blend of freeform and UK. Hardcore. Check Out XVI for more details.

November 2004
Foundation was a huge success, thanks to everyone who came out to the event, and suporting the Ottawa scene. Special thanks to Threatis and The ShortList for all they're contribution and help to the event. Check out the Pictures portion of the site for pictures of the event.

October 2004
We all got a good scare with Village of the Damned, showcasing ZTs very own DarkShadow, EFM-7, and Heero. Thanks to all who came out, and we hope to see you at the next event. Check out the pictures portion of the site for images of the event.

Past News:
On the plus side, ZT's best known producer and all around good guy Eugene a.k.a [EFM-7] has gotten himself a nice little booking at the next Synergy Productions event Two Tribes playing along side one of the electronic music's best known PA Skylab2000. Go Eugene!!

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