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Name: Joseph
Handle: DJ Joe Rowe
Style: Hard Trance
Pref. Gear: Tech 12's, Stanton RM400, Shure White Labels
Status: DJ/Promoter
DJ Joe Rowe
I started DJing 2 years ago in St. John's Newfoundland. When I started DJing the only electronic music being played out in the Newfoundland clubs was house.... There were no raves. Although I liked house music, it wasn't the direction I wanted to go with my music. Upon buying my first decks I started to explore other electronic music styles... I ordered records from away and fell in love with the harder sounds... Hard Trance, Hardstyle, Acid Trance. With my newfound love for hard dance I entered a DJ competition and against 10 house DJ's I got 1st place, sparking a fury of memorable gigs all across the province of Newfoundland. People took to my "new sound" and now I frequently travel back to the east coast from my new home in Ottawa to destroy the dance floors of my old stompin' ground. I am also looking forward to some great shows in the Ottawa area... and even as far as Edmonton!

Mark Power... Such a passionate DJ...He is the first DJ I seen in NL that truly looked like he LOVED what he did. It's all about the passion. Any DJ that loses himself or herself behind the decks. Those are my Inspiration.

Recent Performances:
XVI BBQ - July 2005
The New Junctions, Newfoundland - July 2005
Phantom, Timmons - June 2005

Has Played next to:
Heero, Graham J, Hashek, Mark Power, Kevin Penny, 2Gunz, DJ Batty, DJ Kilo, DJ Ben Dunn, Leo Van Olden, The Coffee Man, Timken, Steph, Paulo, Mark Hughes, DJ Krystle... just to name a few!

Special Thanks:
To my loving Girlfriend Lexi... Who is so supportive regardless of all the headaches. I love you!