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ZER0 Trance Welcome to the ZERO Trance Collective website. ZERO Trance is an Ottawa based collective focused on event promotion, music production, Djing, and graphic design. We strive to do the best we can so that people will have the best experience possible at Ottawa events. We've been very busy over the past years, and our family has grown. We've seen several new additions to the collective, but at the same time we've seen members move on and go on to bigger, and better things. I'd like to take a moment now to welcome, Type-ZERO, Joe Rowe, DJ Tail, and DJ Mania. As for us old guys, Heero, EFM-7, and DarkShadow are still around, doing what we do best.

The ZERO Trance Collective, or ZERO Trance _Productions_, as it once was known has been around since 1999, starting out as a collective of friends between cities working together to get events going. Heero got his start this way, and eventually moved on to doing his own events, and working with other Ottawa promoters. The first event Heero got a chance to really get his hands into was Elevation back in 2001. 2 years after he started working towards throwing events, he was in the middle of it. After that came a lot more opportunities. In 2004 Zero Trance _Productions_ was renamed to Zero Trance Collective to better represent what Zero Trance represented in the Ottawa scene.

[-Heero-] and [-DarkShadow-] A lot has happened since the early days, and ZTC has been very proud to have thrown some many great events, from the Celestials, to Signal, and finally working with new promoters, and out of city promoters to get things going. ZTC has gone as far as Newfoundland, and has had it's talents releasing material all around the world. EFM-7 has recently released tracks on the New Energy label, and working with the likes of Kev Energy.

ZTC is keeping it's eyes on the future, and continuing to do the best we can for the betterment of the Ottawa scene, and the Canadian scene. We look forward to working with new Ottawa promoters, DJ Dain-Ja, and the new Synergy crew. We're making our way, and all of our members are continuing to do what they do best.

To keep track of what's going on in Ottawa, check out XVI.

Eric N.

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