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Good Times:
Second recorded mix. Currently unreleased. Title inspired by DJ Tamerax. A mix of Alex's favorite fluffy records and hardest vinyl he owns.
Road Rage:
A Harder mix of trance, consisting mostly of hard trance, hard german trance, and hardstyle. Deffinatly a good title considering the styles mixed.
Robb Peppertree Vs. DarkShadow:
Uk. Hard House Vs. Hard Trance. What more is there so say, these two going at it, and tearing up the decks.
Other Mixes will become availiable soon.


A variety of all forms of trance cramned into just minutes of crazy gooey goodness. If this track never made you dance, then we say download it again, and get out of your chair!
Click Here for download info.

UNRELEASED!!! Sorry but you had to be there to hear it. It got ALL of Ottawa's most grooving and moving partiers on their toes for a solid 50 minutes of some of the best tunes to walk into Ottawa since 1998!
Two Tribes PA:
Yet to be even heard by the Ottawa massives, [EFM-7] is going to preform LIVE next to Skylab2000 for his second career performance! We the people of Zero Trance GUARANTEE a sick set by one sick man!

Arion Mcbride

First Trip:
This was my first trip... it involved alot of pot and other funny narcotics and funny business!!! i also got head from vicky and have slept with many irish women. I LOVE BEING SODOMISED BY NAZIS!!!!


There as so many tracks out there that there isn't enough time to list them all.
But if you would like to download some, go to the download section of the website. Or, if you live in the Ottawa Area, you can drop by NORML clothing and pick up your very own copy of System V.1 for 15$.



Silly Raver
An insane mix of new school happy hardcore. Throwing around some hard beats, and some of the cheesiest volcals and tracks you can ever hear.
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