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 PROFILES - Alex [-DarkShadow-]

Name: Alex Boutilier
Handle: [-DarkShadow-]
Style: Hard Trance
Pref. Gear: 2 Technics 1200-MK3 turntables, Pioneer DJM-600 mixer, Sony MDR-V900 headphones
Status: DJ/Promoter
DJs do it with 12 inches
It all began in July 2002, when I'd go over to my best friend Eric's house after he got his Gemini 676 mixer and just horsed around with what was back then my musical passion: mixing happy hardcore. It was fun... but mixing from an MP3 to a CD player is kinda tough and doesn't really get you anywhere. A drive to Nova Scotia and an entire summer of happy hardcore anthems later, I returned to Ottawa in mid/late August only to realise my taste in music had changed dramatically. I went from listening and dancing to only happy hardcore to loving and indulging in trance.

Stuff you need to know:

This trance DJ/madman has been supporting ZER0 Trance ever since he first heard the two words together. His creativity, energy and imagination are highly recognized as abnormal, ludacris, insane, nuts... well... the list goes on... but mostly ingenious and have helped give the team a certain edge over other local promoters. Being one of the key minds behind the organisation of the events flow as the concept comes down on paper, this little dude likes to party just as hard as anybody else out there, keep his cool when going gets hot, and when he's not busy helping out his buddy Eric (Heero) keep the event on track, he's usually behind the decks dropping his own personal blend of hard uplifting, hard dark and just plain hard trance that has yet to leave a crowd dissapointed.

Teamed together with Heero and Mr Mcbride, it's a solid guarantee that there will be fun, goofiness, and practical jokes ll over the place!!!

World traveler turned trance DJ, this little guy calls Ottawa home base as he's usually on the road what with his whole trucking thing (and you thought that truckers only listened to country... *smirks* boy were you EVER wrong)

Having trotted the globe from Peru to Cuba, Canada to Pakistan, Malaysia and anywhere else he's been, this little guy has picked many a tricks and pranks from around the globe, and a sense of humour that never dies.

Special Thanks:
Thanks to Eric for getting me into mixing and all that other fun stuff, thanks to Corey (Big Bitch) for putting up with my trainwrecks time and time again and for also just letting me use your gear and the encouragement, thanks to Mark (Whiny Bitch) for the hazing and solid support.